Bomark Kennels

After seeing a litter of boxers for the first time whilst on holiday to a seaside resort and simply falling in love with this endearing and affectionate breed, it was an introduction that would see over  30 years of commitment and experience to learn that every single one has it's unique personality and place in your heart.


1976 was the year of the first boxer to Bomark Kennels.
A registered son of English Import Seefeld Music Master by the great International Champion Seefeld Picasso. Music Master, "Jimmy", as he was affectionately named, was owned and loved by Lillian Lowe who was instrumental in an introduction to a splendid and strongly built typical boxer of fine quality and to the further purchase of two boxers for the show ring through Tonup Kennels.

These two dogs, "Peter Pan and Wendy" were the product of English Imports Wardrobes Morning Canter and Wardrobes Hunters Moon who were influencial brothers of the time. The sire of "Wendy" was English Import Jachas Jonovan by Donovan of Skelder and produced a self willed, dominant female of strong boxer temperament. Although absent from showing in earlier years, Wendy was still competing successfully at age 9 years.




Interest in the Gremlin line led to the purchase of a daughter of English import Gremlin Great Gale in 1978 through Tonup Kennels and the first breeding attempt by her mating to English and Australian champion Summer Shadow of Gremlin. She was also mated to a son of New Zealand champion Gremlin Summer Spree, Lorralaines Key Largo, producing Bomark Keynote, a successful winner at the Brisbane Royal Show 1986. The first Bomark champion however, proved to be a "Shadow" son, Toncris Dark Shadow, out of a bitch by New Zealand Champion Gremlin Summer Spree. These early years were a learning curve in breeding and raising puppies and an insight into establishing the two foundation bitches which were to follow.

Boystock Kennels

Boystock kennels, Sydney, gave the tools to establish a sound program with the acquisition of a son and daughter by English Import Brindisi of Trinaka ("Brin") And a daughter by English Import Skelder Pot Black, returned to be mated to English Import Australian and New Zealand champion Winuwuk Up and Away at Chelveston ("Pepe"). Philip Eggleton and Judy Snowden of Boystock were to become close friends and mentors in the growth of Bomark Kennels. The half brother/sister mating to "Brin" rewarded Bomark Kennels with Australian Champion Bomark Maiden Lace ("Lacey")
Pepe's daughter, Boystock Owata a Temtation with a mating to a Boystock son, Australian Champion Isar Kazamierz, produced the wonderful foundation bitch, Australian Champion Bomark Tangoette ("Tango")

Breeding Program

"Brin", the double grandson of English Champion Tyegarth Famous Grouse and "Pepe", the son of English Champion Tyegarth Glenmorangie of Jenroy have combined the genetic strength of their father the famous English Champion Gremlin Summer Storm. English Import Belowen Blue John of Holwell ("Grant"), another Glenmorangie son, was introduced through the acquisition of a "Pepe" daughter, Australian Champion Ayesgarthe Femme.("Jessie") "Grant" also added his contribution with a mating with "Tango " to produce the wonderful Best in Show winner Australian Champion Bomark Rafferty's Rules.

Several have shown success in the show ring while others are building blocks. All that pass through these kennels are of equal value in youth or in old age. In the pursuit of quality they are all proudly BOMARK.